Top 10 Famous Comb-Overs

Everyone goes bald
At an almost creepy percentage rate, balding affects nearly 30 percent of men by age 30 and 50 percent by age 50, which leads one to believe that everyone by age 100 is a cue ball.

The List
Hairstyles come and go, but one unfortunately lasts forever. No other hairdo in the world sparks more points and snickers than the infamous comb-over. The comb-over is arguably the worst option. For this reason, we have comprised a list of our favorites.

10. Dick Van Patten

Worst Comb Overs -Dick Van Patten Comb Over

9. John McCain

Worst Comb Overs -John McCain Comb Over

8. Emperor Constantine

Worst Comb Overs - Emperor Constantine Comb Over

7. Al Davis

Worst Comb Overs - Al Davis Comb Over

6. Lou Henson

Worst Comb Overs - Lou Henson Comb Over

5. Tony Kornheiser

Worst Comb Overs - Tony Kornheiser Comb Over

4. Benny Hinn

Worst Comb Overs - Benny Hinn Comb Over

3. Sir Bobby Charlton

Worst Comb Overs - Sir Bobby Charlton Comb Over

2. Rudy Giuliani

Worst Comb Overs - Rudy Giuliani Comb Over

1. Donald Trump

Worst Comb Overs - Donald Trump Comb Over

Honorable Mentions
Bill Murray (Big Ernie McCracken) – Kingpin
Big Ernie McCracken
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The Beard Comb Over (Jim Gaffigan – Sierra Mist Free Commercial)

Jim Gaffigan - Beard Comb Over
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Famous guys who went bald gracefully
Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Sean Connery, Jon Malkovich, Homer Simpson, Kelly Slater, Howie Mandel, The Dalai Lama, Billy Zane, Michael Chiklis, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Messier, Ed Harris, Jason Taylor, Cal Ripken, Jr.

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