Spinning Records with DJ Adrian Hardy

Whether your idea of letting loose is playing poker with the fellas or heading down to the local watering hole to shoot some pool and blame the stick for scratching, there’s always a need to go out and rage from time to time. Sometimes the need to let loose calls for more then a six [...]

Whether your idea of letting loose is playing poker with the fellas or heading down to the local watering hole to shoot some pool and blame the stick for scratching, there’s always a need to go out and rage from time to time. Sometimes the need to let loose calls for more then a six pack with the usual suspects. Sometimes that inner need calls for a collection of loose cannon friends without a care in the world, bottle service, a pile of humanity on the dance floor and the loud boom of the speakers that will leave your precious ears ringing till Monday morning. These special occasions call for a DJ who will not just play music, but will make sure the party never stops. On one of these infamous nights out in Pittsburgh, we met DJ Adrian Hardy.

DJ Adrian Hardy

We were introduced into Adrian Hardy’s world of traveling, music, and parties and were impressed by the way he carries himself and his overall take on life. The DJ world has blown up and some have become rock stars in the music industry. With noticeable names like Tiesto, Skrillex, Aoki, David Guetta, Deadmau5, and Swedish House Mafia, DJ Adrian Hardy has stepped into a world where being a DJ can open many doors with the opportunity to live a life very few people can imagine.

Before his career in music, Hardy was exactly where I was in college; hosting kick ass parties and just being a typical student. The business side of him eventually took over and he taught his roommates to bartend, built a bar inside his house and even had drink menus. For entertainment, he bought an entire DJ system and hired someone to DJ his parties. A surprise to him though was that the DJ was only skilled in selecting music from iTunes and didn’t actually DJ. He sent him home on the spot and decided to take care of it himself; not realizing this would eventually be the launching point of his DJing career. Eventually his parties grew bigger and became known throughout the city, where he was soon approached by a Moroccan DJ. Together they threw parties at local bars and venues and it grew from there.

DJ Adrian Hardy

In 2008 his paid hobby took a hiatus when he had his DJ gear stolen. With no equipment, he was in a tough spot. Approached by a previous employer, they entered an agreement where he was given the equipment to play music in return for bringing customers to a venue. A year playing for his friend created a stepping stone to bigger and better situations and he eventually established a reputation and a growing fan base.

Beginning to create a name and brand for himself, Hardy became one of the seven DJs sponsored by this little company called Armani. Coming a long way from throwing college house parties in Philly, Adrian Hardy has opened for DJ Tiesto (also sponsored by Armani) and is frequently playing venues of 2000+ people from New York City, Miami, Vegas, Atlantic City, Philly and more. Throughout his success, DJ Adrian Hardy remains humble and stays true to his roots. Hardy acknowledges that he still looks for that house party feel and that’s what got him to where he is now.

DJ Adrian Hardy

Returning from an event in Argentina, Adrian stopped by Pittsburgh and met up with us. We drank a little (I mean a lot), talked shop, and drank a little more. He was a stand-up guy and put to rest any misconceptions people may have about DJs and their extravagant and sometimes boisterous personalities. We were impressed by his cool demeanor and hospitality. He’s just a regular guy who enjoys making people happy. Make sure to catch DJ Adrian Hardy at a venue near you. His music is unique and blasts your ass up and onto the dance floor. Cheers.

Quick Draw with DJ Adrian Hardy:

What’s the best type of crowd?
“Where everyone is into the vibe…everyone was there to party…” “I’m not at the point where people will necessary will recognize my name, so I have to play cheaper venues and play to the crowd.“

On just coming back from Argentina and playing different venues…
“I was looking forward to it because they listen to a different kind of music in a different way they party all night. They party till 4 or 6 in the morning, but they will be out since 12. They don’t binge drink.”

Where is your dream gig?
“If I had to pick and can spend a week or two, I would pick Bali, but if you want to talk more professional, I would love to headline a major music festival in the states or Europe.”

What do you see yourself doing in the future?
“In the next 5-10, I want to continue using this as a vehicle to travel and meet some of the coolest people out there, talk to people, and hear their story. It’s just crazy how people come together and I’d like to learn from that…and to answer your question frankly… I don’t know. I’m just going to continue traveling.”

Drinks of choice?
“Old’ Fashioned, Manhattan or Vodka Soda.”

“Corona or Blue Moon.”

Best parties?
“Vegas parties are dynamic and kind of a generic crowd, but it’s cool because everyone is from everywhere. Everybody has a story without the NY attitude.”

Best city for drinks?
“NYC has crazy variety.”

Last meal?
“Hawaiian luau – Pork that’s cooked underground, bbq chicken, rice dishes or a Brazilian steak house.”

Hottest girls?
“ NYC or Miami, maybe LA. The Midwest are very hot and they are nice”

What defines a man?
“Class, charm, curiosity, wisdom, adventure, pride, humor, interest and always on a constant journey of self-improvement.”

West coast or east coast?
“East coast. I like the diversity.”

Olivia Munn or Olivia Wilde?

If you weren’t a DJ what would you be doing?
“I’d like to be in the marketing industry, advertisement, networking and relationships management.”


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